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Our SoftwareClavisAsset system – provides front to back office solution for asset management firms, insurance companies and custodian banks to manage investment, pension, insurance funds and institutional or private portfolios.

Your Business will be enriched with our integrated front to back solution. Single system, single database with different user roles and access levels.

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Front and Mid office

  • Transaction capture
  • Multiple asset classes (equities, bonds, units, derivatives, deposits, FX, SWAP and IRS transactions)
  • What if limit check
  • Portfolio and benchmark performance measure
  • Risk analysis (VAR, back tests, scenario analysis)
  • Portfolio models, benchmarks and target portfolio maintenance
  • Model portfolio and duration based portfolio planning tools
  • Liquidity management (monitoring future cash-flows of transactions, maturities, cash-flow from T+X investment notes trading).
  • Yield curves (valuation of fixed income bonds from yield curves, several algorithms for curve calculation).


    • Base data registers (funds, partners, brokers, banks, instruments)
    • Account and transaction management
    • NAV calculation based on multiple set of rules (e.g. investment funds, private portfolios, pension funds)
    • Portfolio fee calculation (management, accounting, custodian, success fee etc.)
    • Stock pairing (FIFO, manual, custom, average price)
    • Automated processing of corporate actions (splits, merges, dividend payments)
    • Limit check and limit audit log (legal and internal limits)
    • Internal, client and authorities reporting
    • Automated posting to general ledger and accounting systems
    • Multiple parallel accounting standards (e.g IFRS, local standards)
    • Printouts, transaction confirmations, account statements, portfolio reports.
    • Price imports from various sources and market data providers.
    • File based link to clearing houses (transactions, statements, etc.)

clavis_asset_1nagyito-ikon-130Key Benefits

  • Single software solution that covers front, mid and back office functionality
  • A single system that is capable to manage investment funds, pension and insurance portfolios, private and institutional investors.
  • Front office module covers what if limit check, portfolio performance measure and risk analysis including what if scenarios.
  • Unlimited number of portfolio revaluation and limit types can be set up.


    • Manage multiple asset classes from spot equities bonds and units to derivatives, swaps and money market transactions.
    • Fulfil internal, authorities (national bank, tax authorities, financial supervisory bodies) reporting with the easy to extend report structure.
    • Clavis Asset supports parallel NAV and accounting rules for a single funds to meet international and local accounting standards.
    • Full audit log includes history of: transactions, balances, user events, limit check results, NAV calculation details, market data entry and more.
    • Support of market data import form various sources.
    • Import/Export options to link your existing systems (external front, brokerage terminal, custodian bank, bank terminal, market data sources)
    • Batch processes, EOD tasks, user worksheets, CSV/Excel exports help the efficient processing of large scale data.

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