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We offer our ClavisBank product to banks providing investment services, reaching out to clients via different delivery channels. The ClavisBank solution counts as one of the core integrated systems in banking IT architecture serving securities account management.

The Clavis Branch extension is a web based solution – with its predefined workflows – supports retail investment and brokerage activity in large scale branches.

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Main FeaturesClavisBank

  • Account management
  • Client and instruments basic data and transaction management
  • MiFID management
  • Customized cost structure
  • Stock exchange and external brokerage interface with FIX support
  • Customer transactional limit check
  • Historical and daily market price data import
  • Stock pairing methods and pre-matching
  • Automated or manual allocation workflows for order-trade transactions
  • Tax calculation and deduction on interest and profit.
  • Interface with external systems (e.g. data warehouse, central clients base data system, core banking, statement posting systems, stock exchanges etc.)
  • Standard reports and flexible query options
  • Day close and opening tasks, batch processing of bulk transactions

ClavisBanknagyito-ikon-130Key Benefits

  • Equites, bonds, derivatives, units trading via multiple channels (branch, online, treasury)
  • Predefined workflows navigate users all through combined functions, e.g. securities account opening procedure.
  • branch optimized screens and workflows in front office module
  • The application uses scalable technology supporting the process of vast numbers of transactions
  • ClavisBank centralizes partner basic data, contracts, account management, limit handling. According to our client’s needs the system is ready for on-line communication with external core banking systems in order to assure the up-to-date data flow and connection.
  • The system makes easier transaction recording, from all channels (online, branch, treasury, mobile) by applying customized transaction rules and checks, specific workflow elements, or maker-checker function. It also supports the flexible setup of client specific transactions.
  • Data management is in accordance with the MIFID regulation. ClavisBank prepares required data for mandatory reports, booking and exports entries to General Ledger.
  • Clavis supports definition of transitioning channels, multi calendar and multi markets, also adjustable cut-off time. Stock pairing operates with different matching method and the pre-matching function is also available in case of orders.

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