The mass affluent focus

The mass affluent segment (US$250k–US$1m in financial assets) possesses quite significant wealth. An EY study – Advice goes virtual – reports they hold about US$7t of wealth which is larger than the assets held by mass (< US$250k) and the UHNWI (> US$10m) segment, however it means almost three time more households (14m HH) than the richest two segment in […]

Digitalization of the rich

Because of the spread of digital technologies and smart devices it is unquestionable that digital wealth management solutions are playing an increasingly important role. It means that companies who offer financial advisory services need to get their tools to match or exceed the desired level of the customers’ expectations.

Online wealth management on the rise

Who would not want to have their estate increased by higher yields while having to pay less tax? Many feel the same way, which is why it is no surprise that wealth management companies working with precision technology A-bombs are winning significant markets from conventional players. […]